Pass Types

What Your Pass Gets You Into

The Integrate PRO pass is the all-access pass for all main-stage talks, conference talks, and OPEN talks for Integrate, API World, and DataWeek. All other pass types are conference-specific (API World gets you into API World talks, etc).

Integrate Conference Talks
(Sept 13-14)
API World Workshop Day
(Sept 15)
API World Conference Talks
(Sept 16-17)
Microservices Conference Workshops and Talks
(Sept 16-17)
API World Summits
(Sept 16-17)
DataWeek Conference Talks
(Sept 16-17)
OPEN Talks Expo
Integrate + API World PRO Pass
API World PRO Pass
Microservices Conference Pass
Hypermedia Summit Pass
DataWeek Pass
Expo PLUS Pass