Conference Topics

Internet of Things & Big Data

The Internet of Things uses data and APIs to allow the world around us to plug into the cloud. That ranges from health or household devices, drones, glasses, facilities and equipment, pretty much anything that you can attach a sensor to. What is the vision of the Internet of Things – and what are the startup opportunities to build apps on this new Internet of Things data + APIs?

R Programming Language

R is one of the fundamental programming languages for data science, statistics, data mining, and academics. The 3rd annual R Summit inside of DataWeek will offer introductory educational bootcamps to the R language, a landscape view on the data science projects built from R, and “what’s new” with R technology in 2014!

No industry has so fully embraced the data revolution as advertising and marketing. This executive-level summit explores topics in data-driven marketing including personalized ad targeting, advertising data providers, utilizing social data for marketing, and marketing automation.

Machine Learning Workshops

We are seeing a revolution in our ability to access and develop Machine Learning tools. Whether you are a data scientist or an executive looking for a landscape view on the data science space: the DataWeek Data Science Track will offer business-level discussions on predictive analytics and machine learning as well as technical workshops on the technologies and algorithms behind data science.

Data Hackers

The Data Hackers Track the dedicated DataWeek track for brand-new or experimental data technologies. This can vary from a NewSQL technologies or new Hadoop extensions to in-memory data management and data searching technologies. One thing is consistent for this track: sessions in the Data Hackers Track are for a more technical attendee.

Big Data & Hadoop

Come and hear from the executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders on the newest array of big data technologies – and how greater volume, velocity, and variety of data is impacting your company. “Big Data” is more than just an infrastructure advancement, it is the core of a data-driven company.

API Strategy

Learn how to design, monetize, strategize, market, and scale RESTful APIs to billions of calls. How do I build a developer ecosystem around my API – and what role does my API play in my company strategy?