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Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2013

DataWeek 2013 Conference and Expo
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Top 5 Data Industries Attendees Want to Know More About at DataWeek 2013

DataWeek Attendee Interest by Industry.  Interactive Visualization.


This week over 4,000 data professionals are gathering in San Francisco for DataWeek 2013.

Sign-ups for Dataweek have been rolling in over the past few months and we wanted to find out what industries in the data universe were of interest to DataWeek attendees.


We partnered up with Algorithms.io to create a chord diagram of the Dataweek attendee professional graph.


We sampled 1,000 Dataweek attendee profiles to create the diagram.  It shows the strength of relationship between different data industry segments.


Here are the Top 5 Data Trends at DataWeek:

  1. Business Intelligence hit our list at number 5 for number of attendees interested in BI.

  2. The Business Software industry is deep  in data and represent a strong 4th place on our list.

  3. Geo/Mobile data barely missed our 2nd spot for 3rd largest data industry hot at DataWeek.

  4. Data Scientists for Business Analytics companies are the 2nd largest data industry of interest at DataWeek.

  5. Taking the #1 Spot, Data experts indicated Big Data as the must-know at DataWeek 2013.


The diagram shows the relationship between different market segments that attendees work in. For example, if someone works in both Big Data and Advertising, then you would see a chord connecting those two.  The thicker the chord, the more shared relationships between those two segments.


An interesting result is what industries “Big Data” is connected to.  Many people self-identify as being a Big Data company, but based on the chords coming from the Big Data segment we getter a better understanding of what industries Big Data companies are actually working in.


This also gives an indication on where the current business revenue opportunities are in Big Data (more companies = more revenue).


About the Author:


Andy Bartley is co-founder and CEO of Algorithms.io. Algorithms.io was developed in 2012 and now provides algorithms as a service for application developers and data scientists to build intelligent applications. Follow Andy on Twitter @algorithms_io.