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Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2013

DataWeek 2013 Conference and Expo
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What is DataWeek?

DataWeek 2013 Conference + Festival is the second-annual 6-day data-centric event in downtown San Francisco. Our team’s goal is to organize the largest data-centric event in the nation, with over 3,000 attendees already registered!

Each day of DataWeek has a different business and technology focus ranging from the Saturday / Sunday hackathon activities, the Monday / Tuesday technical workshops, and the Wednesday / Thursday conference & expo. One pass gets you into all official events of the DataWeek Conference + Festival!

DataWeek is an industry event with the goal of placing the most innovative data technologies in front of Bay-area and nation-wide technology executives, nation-wide developers and data scientists, as well as potential customers for those technologies. We aim to routinely maintain our forward-thinking edge on conference topics such as the API economy, the Hadoop ecosystem, data science and machine learning tools, and data hacker tools.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Hackathon Workshops & Classes Hadoop Summit Disqus Summit
Full Hack Day Judging Round Data Science Bootcamp R Summit Intelligence 2.0 Summit
    Data Visualization Bootcamp Enterprise Big Data Track
Marketing Intelligence Summit
    R Bootcamp Database Technology Track Data Visualization Summit
    NoSQL Bootcamp Open Source Big Data Track
Big Analytics Track
    API Strategy Bootcamp Web-Scale Track
Predictive Analytics Track
    Hadoop Bootcamp Data Hackers Track
Data Hackers Track
      Big Data & Cloud Day
Data-Driven Business Day
      API World: Day 1
API World: Day 2

Our Philosophy

In an information economy, data is the new capital.

Data 2.0 believes the data revolution is when business and society realize that data is not just how you analyze your business: data is your business. The opportunity to succeed in business, technology, and society happens when we join a new ecosystem of data feeds, data infrastructure, data technologies, and data markets. Corporations today are unlocking the value in their terabytes of data, city governments are opening up their city data for public use, and thousands of “data startups” are building on top of emerging social data feeds.

Data 2.0 is at the epicenter of this paradigm shift and through its premiere conferences and events, brings together data industry thought leaders, innovators and evangelists to address the new data economy and its impact on business, technology, and society.

The transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 was a transition from static hyperlinked webpages to the “social web” of user-generated content, cross-site integration, website-as-platform, and social participation. Similarly, the transition from Data 1.0 to Data 2.0 is marked by greater accessibility, interoperability, and 3rd party leverage of online data. With Data 2.0, access to data is relevant to you.

As the industry’s second annual week-long conference and festival showcasing innovations behind the Data Revolution, DataWeek is organized by Geoff Domoracki and Jonathan Pasky, co-founders and the founders of Techweek in Chicago and the Data 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.  Dataweek 2012 will feature over 200 speakers from Google, Twitter, IBM, Cloudera, CitrusLeaf, Dun & Bradstreet, and hundreds of other data-centric companies for a 4-day conference inside a weeklong series of data events, workshops, hackathons, and hiring mixers, and meetups.

How do I get involved?

// SpeakersSubmit your speaker proposals for the 20+ events here!

// SponsorsInquire about sponsorship opportunities here!

// Partners & Media: Inquire about partnership opportunities here!

// Event Hosts: Inquire about hosting or co-hosting an event here!

// Contact us with your ideas or questions!

Last year’s DataWeek Conference + Festival 2012 By The Numbers

900 DataWeek Conference Attendees across all 4 days
1500 DataWeek participants including all off-site events across 6 days
250 Speakers at the DataWeek Conference

Titles of Attendees at DataWeek Conference + Festival 2012

Industries of Attendees at DataWeek Conference + Festival 2012

Company Size of Attendees at DataWeek Conference + Festival 2012

Which companies have participated in the past?

Here’s just a few:

Microsoft, Mozilla, Yahoo, Salesforce, Linkedin, Neustar, Dun & Bradstreet, Sequoia Capital, Battery Ventures, Forrester, Gartner, MTV Networks, EMC Ventures, True Ventures, Intuit, Cortera, HP, Vertica, CrowdFlower, Acxiom, RadiumOne, Clearspring, RapLeaf, PARC, Kaggle, Factual, PubNub, Loggly, Twilio, AllThingsD, Metamarkets, DataSift, Datafiniti, GNIP, Rocket Fuel, BlueKai, SnapLogic, Zillow, 10gen, Exelate, Crosslink Capital