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Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2013

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Our sponsorship packages are designed to create maximum engagement with the data industry’s most influential buyers, leaders and influencers and are completely customizable.

Partner-Level Sponsors

On any given day, 120 million people around the world use Dun & Bradstreet to gain an informed perspective. D&B is the world’s leading source of commercial insight on businesses with a global database of more than 225 million business records. D&B’s innovative API web services platform, D&B Direct, allows companies to easily synchronize and deliver D&B data and analytics with other essential business intelligence, directly into any application or device.

D&B Direct uses D&B’s proprietary DUNSRight ® matching technology based on the D-U-N-S Number to help companies create trustworthy master records of business entities and connect company profiles, financial data and analytics, corporate linkages, fraud and compliance monitoring, people insights, social profiles, digital intelligence, industry-specific data and more, to develop a more complete and informed view of their customers, prospects, suppliers and partners. Delivering streaming business insight via the cloud, the solution gives business executives the intelligence they need to make smarter and faster decisions and drive better results. Learn more at dnb.com/bigdata.

Disqus is the web’s community of communities. Online communities are where people go to connect with their passions. We make them better through more enjoyable discussions. And then we link all those communities so it’s easier to discover and discuss new stuff worth talking about.

Disqus handles 40K requests per second and 1.5 million new discussion threads a day. We’re used by 2.5 million sites and reach an audience of one billion monthly unique visitors.

Official-Level Sponsors

Bizo is how B2B marketers identify and reach their target audiences online. Fueled by Bizo’s audience of more than 120 million professionals around the world, including more than 85% of the U.S. business population, the Bizo Marketing Platform can precisely target business people by specific business demographic criteria.

Bizo’s customers use the platform’s data management and targeting capabilities to reach audiences anywhere they travel online and engage those that come to their websites, landing pages, and social channels. Bizo has earned the confidence of more than 600 SMB marketers and large global brands including AMEX, Mercedes Benz, Monster, Salesforce.com, Porsche, Microsoft, AT&T, and UPS who use Bizo to impact every stage of their sales and marketing funnels.

Chartio helps businesses analyze and track their critical data. Over the past decade, the Business Intelligence industry has failed to deliver affordable and easy-to-use solutions. Instead, most vendors sell bulky on-premise products that are nearly impossible to understand, take ages to deploy and in many cases, fail to deliver value. It’s time for a change.

Focused on building the best interface for data, Chartio helps companies make better business decisions through intuitive, real-time business analytics. Customers connect their databases directly to Chartio, to uniquely visualize their data in real-time, bypassing the need for data warehousing and avoiding its security pitfalls.

When we founded Chartio, we set forth to make analytics intuitive and not a massive and budget-breaking headache. We’re re-imagining business analytics from the ground-up and offer every enterprise a beautiful, simple-to-use and powerful platform to understand their critical data.

GreenQloud offers World Class Sustainable Cloud Servers and Data Storage powered by 100% Renewable Energy. http://GreenQloud.com/ http://twitter.com/GreenQloud

The world produces more than 2.5 exabytes of data every day. Visualization is one key approach to gaining insight from this mountain of data. It enables you to see the trends and patterns (along with gaps and outliers) in the data that are not as easily identified in rows and columns of numbers. Combined with advanced data visualization capabilities, IBM Business Analytics software delivers data-driven insights that help organizations work smarter and outperform their peers. This comprehensive portfolio includes solutions for business intelligence, predictive analytics and decision management, performance management, and risk management. Providing further flexibility for IBM Cognos BI users, new extensible visualization capabilities provide report authors and business users with new data visualization options as their business needs drive new requirements and opportunities for insight.

Since 1988 Objectivity, Inc. has been the Enterprise NoSQL leader, helping customers harness the power of Big Data. Our leading edge technologies: InfiniteGraph, The Distributed Graph Database™ and Objectivity/DB, a distributed and scalable object management database, enable organizations to discover hidden relationships for improved Big Data analytics and develop applications with significant time-to-market advantages and technical cost savings, achieving greater return on data related investments. For more information please visit: www.objectivity.com

Intel Expressway Software for API Management, Gateway Security, and Data Protection

Intel delivers a portfolio of enterprise-class data center software products designed to help expose internal/external app APIs and data across on-prem, cloud, hybrid, and mobile environments. Analyst recognized as an industry leader, both on-prem and SaaS API management portal solutions are seamlessly integrated with a Service Gateway for API security, integration and complex traffic control. The Expressway solution includes best of breed Informatica powered data translation, SaaS API Management with Mashery, mobile access integration with Intel XDK client side tooling, and the only no app impact data tokenization solution for PCI, PII, & cloud data scope reduction. Visit cloudsecurity.intel.com for more.

Everyday businesses face serious challenges coping with application performance, maintaining business continuity and gaining operational intelligence in real-time.

NuoDB leads the industry with a proven NewSQL solution to solve all these challenges. It provides a unique combination of on-demand, partial replication, scale-out performance, zero downtime and geo-distributed data management. It’s an operational DBMS to handle transactions, interactions and observations anywhere.

Launched in 2010 by industry-renowned database architect Jim Starkey and accomplished software CEO Barry Morris, the company is based in Cambridge, MA. Used by thousands of developers worldwide, NuoDB’s customers include automotive after-market giant AutoZone, NorthPoint Solutions, Fathom Voice and other innovative companies.

The company is the recipient of numerous, prestigious industry awards including: Gartner Cool Vendor and The Red Herring Top 100.

Oris4 is a secure and easy-to-use corporate information platform that allows you to quickly find and manage your business content. We connect all of your online and internal data so you can find, track, sort and manage your crucial data through one simple interface.

Quantcast is a digital advertising company specialized in audience measurement and real-time advertising. As the pioneer of direct audience measurement in 2006, Quantcast has today the most in-depth understanding of digital audiences across the web, allowing marketers and publishers to make the smartest choices as they buy and sell the most effective targeted advertising on the market. More than 1,000 brands rely on Quantcast for real-time advertising. As the leader in Big Data for the digital advertising industry, Quantcast directly measures more than 100 million web destinations, incorporates over 1 trillion new data records every month and continuously processes as much as 30 petabytes of data every day. Quantcast is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by Founders Fund, Polaris Venture Partners, Revolution Ventures and Cisco Systems. For more information, visit www.quantcast.com.

Qubole is the leader in Big Data SaaS. Qubole was founded by Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma, former leaders of Facebook’s data infrastructure organization and long-time contributors to Apache Hadoop and creators of Apache Hive. Qubole is trusted by the largest brands in social media, online advertising, entertainment, gaming and other data-intensive ventures.

Qubole Data Service (QDS) provides a turnkey SaaS solution for Big Data teams, running on the top performing elastic Hadoop engine and including a library of data connectors, and a graphical interface for Hive, Pig, Ooze and Sqoop. QDS enables users to quickly inspect their data, author and execute queries, and convert queries into scheduled jobs. With QDS, the power of Big Data meets the simplicity of the cloud.

Rackspace® (NYSE: RAX) is the open cloud company and founder of OpenStack, the standard open-source operating system for cloud computing. Headquartered in San Antonio, Rackspace delivers its renowned Fanatical Support® to more than 200,000 business customers, from data centers on four continents. Rackspace is a leading provider of hybrid clouds, which enable businesses to run their workloads where they run most effectively — whether on the public cloud, a private cloud, dedicated servers, or a combination of these platforms. Rackspace has been recognized by Bloomberg BusinessWeek as a Top 100 Performing Technology Company, and is featured on Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. For more information, visit www.rackspace.com.

Revolution Analytics is the leading commercial provider of software and services based on the open source R project for statistical computing. Led by analytics consulting veteran Dave Rich, the company brings high performance, productivity, and enterprise readiness to R, the most powerful statistics language in the world. The company’s flagship Revolution R Enterprise software is designed to meet the production needs of large organizations in industries such as finance, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, and media. Used by over 2 million data scientists in academia and at cutting-edge companies such as Google, Bank of America, and Acxiom, R has emerged as the standard of innovation in statistical analysis. Revolution Analytics is committed to fostering the continued growth of the R community, sponsors R user groups and conferences worldwide, and offers free licenses of Revolution R Enterprise to everyone in academia. To learn more, visit www.revolutionanalytics.com.

Spinnakr is democratizing access to big data insights with a new kind of web analytics that does all of the work for you – from insight, to recommendation, to action.

Instead of just collecting and reporting data, Spinnakr automatically discovers important trends and opportunities on behalf of its users. It translates an endless stream of visitor data into a simple, actionable news feed of opportunities, ranking them in importance, and empowering the site owner to deploy targeted content to her website based on the recommendations.

This new approach to analytics means that the value of big data is no longer locked away in complex charts and graphs that can only be understood by data scientists. It allows any website in the world the ability to make big data actionable, dramatically enabling a huge number of business access to sophisticated analysis for the first time.

Splice Machine enables you to build Big Data applications with all the benefits of NoSQL databases while still leveraging standard SQL. The result: massive scalability, flexible schema, fault tolerance and high availability along with easy integration to BI tools.

Basic-Level Sponsors

Datacratic is a machine learning and predictive modeling company. We solve complex challenges with data. The team is made up of business people, engineers, programmers and scientists all working together and pushing the limits of what a machine can do in both memory size and processing capacity. Datacratic provides optimization for Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Agency Trading Desks (ATDs), E-Commerce Web Sites and others in the real-time marketing ecosystem. Originally founded as Recoset in February 2010 and headquartered in Montréal, Datacratic is privately held with backing from Real Ventures and BDC Venture Capital. For more information visit datacratic.com..

NephoScale is a next generation cloud IaaS platform that delivers the highest performance available, and offers the best price/performance combination of any IaaS cloud provider. From Start-ups to Enterprises and SaaS to Big Data, NephoScale has the technology to make your applications fly.

Opower was founded on a simple premise: it’s time to engage the millions of consumers who are in the dark about their energy use. As an industry-leading home energy management software company, our goal is to help ordinary people find easy ways to save energy on their utility bills. Our passion is making an unprecedented impact on the health of our planet. With our innovative software products we promote energy efficiency by empowering residential consumers to make better decisions on their energy usage.

From its founding in 2007 to today, Opower has established itself as the leading partner for utilities looking to implement energy efficiency and smart grid software services. Our rapidly growing team of software developers, engineers, marketers, social scientists, statisticians, engagement mangers, salespeople, recruiters and regulatory gurus are directly responsible for the enormous positive impact we’ve had to date: so far our software platform has saved enough energy to take a city the size of New Orleans off the grid entirely!

ScaleIN is a consulting company focussed on implementation, integration, administration and supporting of data driven SQL, NoSQL, Data Analytics and Big Data solutions

Simplify Commerce by MasterCard makes it easy for a merchant to accept e-commerce and mobile commerce payments, regardless of payment brand, in a matter of minutes.

Its developer-friendly platform provides a merchant account and payment gateway in a single, PCI-certified package.
- Easy-to-use APIs
- Clear SDKs in a variety of programming languages such as Ruby, PHP, Python, Java and .NET
- Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android
- Built-in support for payments, recurring plans, coupons
- Sample source code and engineering support at www.simplify.com

Zipfian Academy is an intensive 12-week program located in San Francisco aimed to cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to become proficient in data science. We have crafted a custom curriculum developed by practitioners in the field with hands-on projects and real-world applications.