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Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2013

DataWeek 2013 Conference and Expo
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DataWeek2013 » Startup Challenge Top 20

Startup Challenge Top 20

DataWeek 2013 will accept up to 20 data-centric and analytics-centric startups for our new DataWeek Startup Challenge! The top 20 startups will get to demo at the DataWeek expo, where they will pitch to 4+ investor judges during the expo (October 3). The 3 startups with the highest judge votes will then pitch on-stage at the DataWeek conference!

Below are the top 20 accepted startups.

All top 20 startups will receive:
  • 24” demo table at the DataWeek expo (October 2-3)
  • Your name, logo, and description on our DataWeek website
  • Opportunity to pitch during expo to 4+ judges
  • (2) DataWeek + API World Conference Pro Passes


Stephane Dubois

Founder and CEO, Xignite


Greg Kidd

Founder, 3taps


Tom Plunkett

Big Data Evangelist, Oracle

Blair Silverberg

Investor, Draper Fisher Jurvetson



Boomtrain is a suite of personalization technology designed to increase engagement and retention on media sites and apps through recommendations and individualized notifications.

Cluep offers a text analytics engine on a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model. Our RESTful API let’s you send text to and receive annotated text in response as a feeling (happy, loved, excited, hopeful, scared, sad, horrible and angry) and sentiment (positive, neutral and negative).

Driven will allow developers to connect to any connected car with a single cloud-based RESTful API. Our platform abstracts the differences between connected car APIs, from auto manufacturer and after-market devices, so that developers only need to use one API to access any connected vehicle. Driven will be a full-service connected car developer’s platform by offering a vehicle simulator, end user authorization, data storage, caching, and more. We believe that cloud-based solutions offer the most flexibility, scalability and security in the connected car.

GraphAlchemist deploys next generation predictive analytics and visual interfaces, for Fortune 500s and some of the most innovative early stage technology ventures.

GraphAlchemist connects complex data across an enterprise to generate never before possible insights through Alchemy Master Data Management and Alchemy Business Intelligence. Traditional BI tools operate in a tabular world, where data participates in a rigid and restrictive structure. GraphAlchemist uses the power of the graph to model data as it exists in the real world. The power and flexibility of the graph data model provides faster application cycles and solutions to real world business demands.

GraphDive provide analytics, personalization and super-targeted advertising based on social profile data obtained via social login functionality. Our Big Data engine parses through billions of social data points to give online businesses insights into their users: their ranked interests, income, age, education and marital status.

With GraphDive, businesses can understand their users better, personalize the user experience, and focus their advertising toward the audience most likely to convert.

Gvidi features a massive directory of restaurant locations, photos, and reviews made more intelligent by its personalized search score: http://gvidi.me/

HRS helps hospitals reduce readmissions through a patented platform that engages patients & caregivers to increase compliance post discharge.

Import•io allows users to extract structured data from websites without writing any computer code. Users simply navigate to a website and teach the browser to extract data by showing it examples of where the data is, learning algorithms then generalize from these examples to work out how to get all the data on the website. The data that users collect is stored on import•io’s cloud servers to be downloaded and shared. Users can also generate an API from the data allowing them to easily integrate live web data into their own applications or third party analytics and visualization software. The import•io data browser is free to download from the website.

Quickly and easily build custom analytics features on a cloud hosted analytics infrastructure.

Companies use Keen IO to build custom analytics for their teams as well as their customers using Keen IO’s analytics APIs. No more worrying about hardware, scale, or performance.

LatentView Analytics Corporation is an analytics services firm that helps clients translate Big Data into actionable insights

Levers provides forecasts of your website’s future performance using your Google Analytics data. Manipulate these forecasts and simulate changes to the sources that yield the highest returns for your business.

myWebRoom.com is a visual platform currently in “Beta” accessible via web and mobile devices. It helps people organize and access their favorite online content privately, while showcasing their favorite products. Our mission is to provide a place where users interact with the things and people they care about the most in an easy and efficient way. This will provide us with the opportunity to adapt to users’ internet needs as we learn from their individual behavior.

To users, myWebRoom is a place where they can create a visual profile (represented by a Room), populate it with their favorite products, and store and access their favorite online content.

To brands and advertisers, myWebRoom is a platform that allows them to advertise their products, market their content, and learn about users’ product preferences and their relationship with the online services they use.

Qbaka is frontend problem monitoring and analytics for web services and mobile HTML5.

Developers are unaware of frontend errors on their websites. User interaction is really hard when it comes to client-side errors in interactive user interfaces. Companies lose money and customers because of broken user experience.

Qbaka provides easy to use SaaS solution to track and analyse javascript errors. You just need to plug in one block of script and tracking starts automatically, without any user interaction. Qbaka delivers real-time notifications and extract maximum necessary information to help developers figure out and fix the problem.

With user actions tracking, automated stacktrace extraction, URL pattern matching and smart error grouping, frontend developers will never again need to worry about time spent on fixing errors, which will allow them to focus on

We believe that if you understand food, you can be in control, make better choices, and live a healthier and better life. Our vision is to make the kitchen a place of confidence and discovery by creating a new breed of smart kitchenware.

Segment.io is an analytics app store. We simplify data collection across web, mobile and server apps, letting people send their data wherever they need it. Our goal is to make using data easy. We process billions of api calls every month for thousands of websites and mobile apps.

SEO Engine has created and patented a unique search engine – combining big data with analytics to deliver never-before-seen search metrics to CMOs. It is the highest online marketing ROI solution available. The company was recently named as a top 25 Enterprise SEO Solution by Website Magazine and just finished a public beta with over 60,000 marketing professionals and big brands participating.

Founded in 2011, SimpleRelevance is the only big data platform that leverages marketers’ existing tools and workflow to personalize digital marketing. It allows e-commerce companies to send automated, personalized email to their customers.

Simularity offers a purpose-built High Performance Correlation Engine that provides real-time similarity and correlation analytics over both streaming and historical data on truly huge datasets. Our software helps identify patterns with statistical correlations, create recommendations, and create and score predictive profiles. Our web-based visualization and data exploration tool can be used by non-technical end-users. Simularity’s technology is being used by innovative companies in a variety of industries, including retail, telecom, financial services, and healthcare.

Statwing is an easy-to-use data analysis tool; it’s the power of statistical analysis, made easier to use than Excel. So anyone can get the same insight out of data as a data scientist.

Asking a simple question of spreadsheet data takes minutes of shuffling data, creating pivot tables, and writing formulas. Statwing is purpose-built for data analysis, though, so it gives much deeper insight in a couple clicks.

Traditional statistical software was built for statisticians, and requires significant technical expertise. Statwing is built for business users and analysts. It automatically runs powerful statistical analyses, then creates plain sentences and clear visualizations driven by the results.

Statwing is used to analyze survey results, exports from business intelligence tools, scientific research, and much more. Companies use Statwing’s API to export to Statwing or embed Statwing in their product, so their users can visualize and explore the data they produce or collect.

Trippin’ in, the “Nielsen for places”, licenses data to enterprises in a variety of industries such as Business Intelligence and Media/advertising, starting with the Local Recommendation market, currently led by Tripadvisor and Yelp. By aggregating and analyzing social gestures, such as Likes, Instagrams and Check-ins, representing peoples actions, we draw insights about the activity level & sentiment of real world places. We focus our [B2B] marketing efforts on large scale companies, as we’ve done with SingTel (Singapore Telecommunication), one of Asia’s leading cellular companies which has almost 0.5B mobile customers across Asia and now license our data, on a monthly basis, and integrating it into their local restaurant and shopping mall recommendation apps.

Twing is a Professional Knowledge Search Engine that supports collaborative open innovation and peer networking across their respective industries. We enable professionals, academician and graduate students to share actionable insight, get advice, search exclusive best practices and selectively connect to qualified trusted peers – all in real time.

We enable skill-based collaboration at each role and domain level, empowering trusted subject-matter experts to share their know-how, improve the productivity of the entire profession and gain recognition on a global scale.

Our disruptive technology provides professionals with powerful tools to access knowledge based big data, supported by machine learning and behavioral semantics, where they can get the most accurate, current, and relevant information, find trusted peers or relevant events and collaborate wherever they are globally.

Wise.io is a Data Intelligence startup based in Berkeley, CA, founded by leading computer scientists, statisticians and astrophysicists in 2012. The goal of the company is to help data-driven businesses derive actionable value from their data using state-of-the-art machine-learning and big-data technologies.

With its efficient machine-learning technology, Wise.io has already attracted customers in industries where advanced predictive methods were previously unavailable. With the next goal of making this technology easier to use and more accessible to businesses, Wise.io is seeing tremendous interest across industries.

Xendo’s a smart search service that boosts knowledge worker productivity through insights derived from their cloud-based content, simply put, we’re ‘Google for Private, Business content’ providing Search-as-a-Service for the cloud-first business.

With our user’s permission, we access the SaaS-applications where they do their work including services like Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Google Apps and more, applying NLP, data mining and machine learning to create individual and organizational ‘knowledge graphs’ which help knowledge workers such as sales, support and consulting teams connect with the right people across the enterprise.