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Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2013

DataWeek 2013
Marketing Intelligence Summit

Join 100+ marketers, data scientists, engineers,
and innovators interested in data-driven marketing
at DataWeek’s one-day Marketing Intelligence Summit.

Featured Speakers

Eshwar Belani
VP, Rocketfuel
Mahesh Kumar
CEO, Tiger Analytics
David Dowhan
President, TruSignal
James Prudhomme
CEO, Datacratic
Omar Tawakol
CEO, BlueKai

About the summit

Summary of the Marketing Intelligence Summit

Marketing Intelligence - and more effective marketing - are the goal of data-driven marketing. This intelligence can apply to brand-building analytics, lead generation analytics, website conversion analytics, social marketing analytics, or customer intelligence. What these different types of advertising, marketing, and sales pipelines have in common is: the “Marketing Stack” is becoming more integrated through better data technology.

What does this mean for marketers?

Personalized advertising, marketing automation, and audience-level engagement are the outcomes of smart data-driven marketing. The Marketing Intelligence Summit aims to explore the landscape changes in your company’s marketing stack - understand how to better track or leverage your existing marketing data, and how to integrate new sources of marketing data.

Session Schedule