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Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2013

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We welcome new contributions from the data community.

You can submit all content contributions here:


Here’s what you need to know:

  • Word count: No minimums but posts typically run between 250-800 words. Please stay under 800 words.

  • Tone: Inclusive, accessible, and professional. Take a look around and see what we’ve previously posted.

  • Original Content: We ask that posts submitted be unique and original to DataWeek. We prefer to not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online.  You can re-purpose a white paper or case study into an article for DataWeek.

  • Image: We recommend you submit an image approximately 150 pixels by 150 pixels. This can be a graphic, logo, or photo of yourself.

  • We are not interested in SEO-driven submissions that are not in line with our philosophy: If you work for a content farm or are a freelancer who writes articles for the sole purpose of linking up keywords in an effort to boost SEO, we are not interested. If your submission or bio references or promotes a business or service that is not in line with our philosophy (e.g. a weight-loss gimmick), then we are not interested.

  • Acceptance: Since we do not compensate contributors for posts, we’re more than happy to include a byline and your brief bio containing links to your company website, Facebook, Twitter accounts, which we will promote when your post goes live. Please keep your bio or company mention to just 2-3 sentences.

  • Please send us your post in the body of the submission form. That means, if you’re using Word, for example, you’d paste the Word document into the form.

  • Once your posts go live, please share with your friends via email, your website, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media. The more people who view your post, the better is it for you and the better it is for DataWeek. If your post performs extremely well and you become a regular contributor!

  • We love connecting with new contributors. While we cover an insane amount of ground, DataWeek consists of just a few people. As such, sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to respond to all submissions. We can assure you, however, that we carefully read every single submission that we receive. If your post has been accepted, we generally respond within 14 days. You’re welcome to submit again with a different post after you’ve waited 14 days.

  • By submitting to DataWeek you acknowledge that you accept our terms, and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the DataWeek editorial team.

  • You’ll want to click through below to find out more about our submission process!


1. Is my piece visionary, informative, and/or educational?

Posts featured on DataWeek are visionary and informative. If your piece is snarky, or sarcastic, or not about data, it’s probably not for us. We encourage you to get creative with your topic, data is everywhere!

2. Has this already been covered on DataWeek?

We feature a wide range of topics on DataWeek and we have a large library of great content. How can your piece add to what’s already there? Perhaps yours can elaborate on one aspect that didn’t get a lot of attention!

3. What’s a great title?

Remember: our readers are busy. A good title has the potential to grab their attention and make them want to read your piece. If you’re stuck trying to create one, ask yourself: What problem does my article solve? How will reading this article make someone’s life better? How would I explain this to a friend?

4. Is my first paragraph succinct?

You only get one chance to make a first impression! Does your first sentence make the reader want to continue? Does your intro paragraph tell the reader very clearly and succinctly what the article will be about?

Please review our Terms and Conditions before submitting.