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Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2013

DataWeek is where thousands of execs,

data scientists, engineers, and innovators

converge for San Francisco’s largest

data + API conference.

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DataWeek + API World 2013 Conference & Expo is a wrap!

After 7 days, 100+ talks, 2,200 conference / expo attendees, and 3,000 attendees across all DataWeek events, DataWeek + API World 2013 is a wrap! Our team would like to thank everyone for helping grow DataWeek into San Francisco’s largest data event of 2013, and you can expect some updates from us on how we will make DataWeek + API World 2014 even more awesome.

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Saturday - Sunday
September 28 - 29

Hackathon Day 1+2

September 30

Workshop Day 1

October 1

Workshop Day 2

Startup Analytics Summit

Technology Hiring Mixer

October 2

Conference & Expo

Big Data & Infrastructure Day

API World 2013

Hadoop Summit

Evening Events

October 3

Conference & Expo

Analytics + Enterprise Day

API World 2013

Disqus Summit

Marketing Intelligence

Intelligence 2.0 Summit

Evening Events

One City.

250+ Speakers.

2,500+ Attendees.

400+ Data & API Technologies.

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DataWeek News

Featured Speakers

Tantek Celik

Web Standard Lead


Gil Elbaz

Founder / CEO


Daniel Ha



Eric Bieschke

Chief Scientist


Kristen Cambell

Chief Program Officer

National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC)

John Musser


Programmable Web

Steve Herrod

Ex-VMware CTO, Partner at GC

General Catalyst

Shay Banon

Founder / CTO


What is DataWeek?

DataWeek 2013 Conference + Festival is the second-annual 6-day data-centric event in downtown San Francisco. With over 2,500 attendees already registered for DataWeek 2013, we expect this event to be the largest data-centric event in San Francisco! Each day of DataWeek has a different business and technology focus ranging from the Saturday / Sunday hackathon activities, the Monday / Tuesday technical workshops, and the Wednesday / Thursday conference & expo. Data 2.0 believes the data revolution is a new world outlook that data is not just how you analyze your business: data is your business. The opportunity to succeed in business, technology, and society happens when we join a new ecosystem of data feeds, data infrastructure, data technologies, and data markets. Corporations today are unlocking the value in their terabytes of data, city governments are opening up their city data for public use, and thousands of “data startups” are building on top of emerging social data feeds. The real data revolution is how an avalanche of data sources and analytics can impact the way we work and live.

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